Jane Heather Dee


Front-End + Ruby on Rails Web Developer
Based in Manila, Philippines

I'm highly passionate about building things and being creative.

I like making websites with Middleman (HTML5 + CSS + JS), as well as Ruby on Rails web applications. Currently I'm focused on building e-commerce websites with Shopify.
I also started a small company called Raw Bites that sells healthy snacks and beverages.

If you want to know about my career skills and achievements, please check out my resume or my works.

I always try my best to provide top service and high quality work to all my partners and clients.

If you're interested in working together for a project, don't be afraid to get in touch on my Contact form or drop me an email at hello@janeheatherdee.com

Raw Bites was born due to the need to provide healthier alternatives to snacks and beverages for the local market. The products we import have clean ingredients, all-natural (no preservatives) and non-GMO. We source products from all over the world, but mostly from UK, AU and NZ.
My main role in this venture is to handle operations and logistics which includes distribution to national retailers, smaller groceries and fitness studios, the monthly subscription box and e-commerce sales. And of course, I customized our website.

I began learning about coding through self-studying online tutorials, and eventually I was accepted to Ironhack in Barcelona, Spain. It was an intensive web development bootcamp to develop different skills based on front-end and back-end technologies, from HTML5, CSS3, plain Javascript to Ruby and Rails, as well as Git, TDD and working in an agile environment. Since finishing the bootcamp, I work and completed several tasks on different projects, such as:

  • Setup of web hosting, domain registration, email hosting and e-commerce platforms
  • Implementation of PSD design to HTML5/CSS
  • System design and process mapping on how to implement the operations of a new web application using Ruby on Rails framework
  • Front-end design and development using static site generator Middleman and use of Contenful API as CMS
  • Integrate existing Rails application with third-party CRM (ZohoCRM API)
  • Unit testing for automated testing such as for the integration of third-party payment gateway (Braintree)
  • Implementation of mailers using Mailchimp and Mandrill API
  • Automatic image screenshot and PDF file creation in the server
  • Refactor existing code for performance efficiency and cleanliness
  • Use of popular gems such as Devise, Capybara, rSpec, Her, Factory Girl, Paperclip, Ransack

I am fortunate enough to be trained and guided by the top branch manager of Sunlife Financial in the entire Philippines. Learning from the best, I strived hard to educate my prospects and clients on financial literacy and preparing for their future. Since then I have won numerous awards and qualified for several incentive trips.

    List of Awards:
  • Quarterly medallion awardee
  • 2014 Leader's Conference participant help in Iceland
  • 2014 Court of the Table (COT) qualifier
  • 2014 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) awardee
  • 2014 Macaulay Senior-VP level awardee
  • 2014 Top Ace Awardee by the Life Underwriters Association of the Philippines (LUAP)

400 hrs of web development bootcamp focused on learning the skills demanded by the top tech employers.
Ironhack equips its graduates with the best knowledge and practices necessary to launch a successful career in the web development industry. From front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to clean back-end coding with Git, Ruby, Rails, MVC and more using TDD and Agile management technologies. The course ends with a final project where we can apply our set of new skills and knowledge in order to build a real product and present it at the demo day.

Importer, wholesale and distribution company for auto supply and accessories and digital lifestyle accessories.

  • Lead the introduction of new products and brands to the local market, as such increased profit margin and more distributors in the local market
  • In-charge for retail operations and management of cash flow
  • Develop new operations processes for incoming trade businesses
  • Negotiates with suppliers for purchasing and shipments
  • Prepared forecast and budget for every order cycle
  • Facilitated online selling and e-commerce site, thus expanding sales channels and reaching a wider market

  • Ensure that the projects (sample shoes) are executed and shipped out on schedule as planned, given the tight timeline
  • Coordinates between the client (World Cat Far East/PUMA) and the company's production team for technical requirements
  • Communicates with different suppliers about the materials specified by the client

  • SAP Project Implementation resource under the P&G account specializing in Product Cost and Control
  • Regional Technical Owner for SAP Controlling and Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) – EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa markets) effective Oct. 1, 2009
  • Project Technical Lead/QA Lead handling Financial Services department
  • Developed training guides (job aids) to ensure smooth onboarding and training to the new hires

  • Handled several projects leading to savings for the company. This included evaluation of manpower resources on the warehouse, assessment of the Customer Service dept, and monitoring of Bad Goods (returned stocks) via graphs and charts
  • Updated production manuals to reflect current ongoing operations

  • VP-Finance, Industrial Management Engineering Society
  • Dean’s List Honors – First Honors Awardee, Second Honors Awardee
  • Nominated for Gold Medal Most Outstanding Thesis in Industrial Engineering award
  • Belongs to the top 20% of the graduating batch

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